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"What Do You Say, Joe?"
Interview Sampler

A trio of on-line interviews:

Film Fracture (2/6/14)

L.A. Weekly (1/17/14)

The Del Valle Archives (4/4/11)

      Joe and Jody
Joe joined Jody Watley at Giorgio's Modern Discotheque at the Standard Hotel and appears in the video for "Nightlife," directed by Steven Willis. You can also check out the Dec. 1, 2013 post of her official website for details on the shoot.

Photo by Kim Dallesandro

Hollywood Forever Weekend
Hope you were among the many fans who were able to join Joe, special guest Holly Woodlawn, author Michael Ferguson, and others for a weekend celebration of Joe's trilogy of films for Paul Morrissey, as well as a rare screening of the "Little Joe" documentary. We wish to express our great appreciation to all those who came out, including friends from Italy and Germany.

A special thanks to Hollywood Forever's Chanell O'Farrill and Tyler Cassity...
and to everyone who helped make this weekend a success.

Check out the LA Weekly Slideshow

    Sugarbuzz Magazine
Joe talks about art, artists, sex symbols, and will there ever be another Andy in this online interview from December 8, 2013. Head here for the Sugarbuzz.
    Ponystep Magazine
Joe is alternate coverboy and interviewee in the July 12, 2013 issue of UK's Ponystep magazine. The piece is written by Paul Tierney and with photos by Doug Inglish. Check it out by clicking on the cover at right.
      Lou Reed
The New York Times covered "The Real-Life Stories Told in Walk on the Wild Side" after Lou Reed's passing on October 27, 2013. Joe was among the interviewees.


John Waters, Traci Lords, Joe Dallesandro, and that other JD (Johnny Depp) reunited for a special outdoor screening and QA session at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 18, 2013, part of the 9th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute.

Check out some of the coverage:
Rolling Stone
Hollywood Reporter
USA Today
Perez Hilton

      Jane Forth
NY Art Beat features a rare interview with the incomparable Ms. Forth, courtesy of Victor P. Corona, a sociologist and postdoctoral research fellow at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University. Click on the Trash photo at left to learn more about Jane, who shares recollections of working with Joe, Andy and Paul, as well as to see some stunning contemporary portraits.
    "A Naked Angel"
See director Karim Zeriahen's 2008 video tribute to (and interview with) Joe here.
    Joe in Print
A fresh link to our growing list of books that reference Joe. This list has been hiding out in the Joe-Pourri Archive, so thought we'd move it up to the forefront for those who'd like to revisit or check it out for the first time. Click on The Warhol Look cover for a look-see.

Special Teddy Awarded to Joe at the Berlin International Film Festival on February 13, 2009

Joe was the honored recipient of a special Teddy Award presented at the festival on Friday, February 13, 2009.

Go to the Teddy Tribute page for the Programme Guide Tribute essay by Michael Ferguson. Visit here for links to clips of the ceremony, a Joe interview, and more photos.

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